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We are specialized on dismantling of delivery vehicles up to 3500kg of weight around all Europe. We cooperate with spedition companies in Germany, Austria and Netherlands. We ensure goodsˇtransit for our regular costumers in the range of 1,5-24t.throughout our sub-supliers with all types of lorries and trucks.

ConSpedition company of a natural person of Jiří Balvín, registered in September 1993 in Jihlava. Originally the private spedition company dealt only with dismantling of all types of vehicles in both international and domestic transport.

In 2000 we spread our business into international and domestic transportation, using our own vehicles up to 3500kg of weight.

In May 2010 the company of a natural person Jiří Balvín transformed into corporate body of Balvín Spedition, Ltd with headoffice in Jihlava.

Our family-run company expanded in both number of employees and number of vehicles. So far we have successfully arranged and provided 53 000 transportations (up to 5.12.2017), for various customers.

The company dispose of its own vehicles with the volume of 6-14 cbm and with loading capacity to 1,4t which are used for transportation all around Europe. For shipments of loading capacity up to 24t of weight we use our contracting forwarders.

We will transport your goods FAST AND RELIABLE!


Transport, spedition and forwarding business

Jiří Balvín ml.
mobil: +420 724 375 406
tel.: +420 561 110 619

Jan Erben
mobil: +420 724 375 405
tel.: +420 561 110 620

Matúš Kleberc
mobil: +420 737 059 186


Andrea Balvínová
mobil: +420 724 375 403
tel.: +420 561 110 612

Jiří Balvín st.
mobil: +420 724 375 404
tel.: +420 561 110 612

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Šípková 12
CZ - 586 05 Jihlava
Czech Republic

IČ: 29213169
DIČ: CZ29213169

evidence: Obchodní rejstřík, Krajský soud Brno, oddíl C, vložka 66092

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Antonínův důl 107
CZ - 586 01 Jihlava
Czech Republic

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Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 17:00
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
mobile - NONSTOP